33 of The coolest and most trendy Boy haircuts 2018

In this world, in the personal care of the body much more conscious of thoughts is made, gone are the days when only women looked pretty. With the change in the way we see society, full of many evolutionary changes, what the care of men pull. One of the most striking Changes in this aspect of the development of cool, cool and interesting hairstyles for men. They have a great selection and can definitely show as a stunning Head-Turner with the perfect hairstyle.

Not only women turn to hair, in order to win the heart, because now it also do men. As the catchy pop culture makes its round, and we’ve experimented, undoubtedly, a lot of what makes a man also curious to try something else. To keep up with their curiosity step to get here is a list of the amazing and trendy hairstyles that can try men, their charm and Charisma to maintain.

We take a look at the trendy Boy’s Haircuts 2018.

33 of The coolest and most trendy Boy haircuts 2018

Comb through the hair with a hard part and skin fade

This particular hairstyle is more on the subtle and simple Look. If you want to, that you are trendy and it is still easy to hold, without a lot of wild experimentation, this is a minor Change that you can try. With a side-combed hair, this Look gives the face a clean Look and the Outfit that is worn with it. There is a very tidy, fresh and solid look to the personality.

1. Kämmen Sie mit hartem Teil und Hautfärbung über das Haar

Textured spiky hair with underscore

As soon as we read the word tips, we come back to the thought of a unconventional, relaxed atmosphere, and this is exactly what this Look. This is a casual Look that pairs well with a casual Outfit, wide Jeans and a T-Shirt to combine. This is what brings the present Generation and to tell much. The spiky hair with an undercut together with the Texture gives a very appealing and cool Look.

2. Texturiertes Spiky Hair mit Undercut

Classic teen Boy hair cut

As the Name suggests, this is the classic and appropriate hair cut for a Teenager. It is not very funny or experimental, but also not very easy. This is an excellent classic blend of a clean hairstyle that looks attractive, and of teenagers in General, is popular. In General, it fits to everyone’s personality, in order to integrate well in the clothing.

3. Klassischer Teen Boy Haircut

Curly Fringe Hair

Fringes are tangles, in General, in order to give the face a different look. As the Name suggests, is to Lure this particular hairstyle is a novel mixture of, and fringes, which makes the Wear and the Sport all the more interesting. This gives a excellent messy Look, but not shabby. Looks with casual Outfits very appealing. This is a view with which men can experiment, to try something New.

4. Lockiges Fransenhaar

Toddler boy haircut swept to the side

This is the most common, most casual yet appealing hairstyle for a small child. It fits perfectly to the face and makes the Baby not like an adult appearance. It is a small child actually makes it charming. With side-swept hair, you will not come to the end in order not to disturb the Baby. This is a decent hair cut that requires no maintenance, suitable for a small child.

5. Side Swept Toddler Boy Haircut

Black Boy Haircut the zig-zag Design

This is an experimental haircut, can look at sporting activities super chic and sporty. With hair in the middle of the head and a zig-zag Design on the sides of this hair cut, trendy, new, and not funny. It can be easily discovered and gives to each, the Sport is a nervous Look, from Teenagers to adults. It is suitable for an Experiment.

Black Boy Haircut im Zickzack-Design

Funky Haircut for boys

As the Name suggests, this is a dressier Version of the above hairstyle. With a little bit of hair in the middle and a Design on the sides of this funky Look fits very well and looks totally funky. The Best part is that while it is funny, but not odd or inappropriate acts. It has its own charm and is suitable for an Experiment.

Funky Haircut für Jungen

Side Hard Part Haircut

This hair cut gives the Person who wears it, a clean and distinctive look. The hair on one side with a clean, precise line that keeps you on one side, and the other separates has. It brings the hairs in the same Position and is well worn with a formal Look. It gives the Person wearing it, a neat and attractive appearance. It is easy to care for, offers a smart Appearance and generally everyone supports.

Side Hard Part Haircut

Bun hairstyle for little boys

Buns tend nowadays to not only in girls but also in boys. They look brilliant and attractive, but a style that can be by all alike deducted. It is a matter to tie up a hair from all the hair, or sometimes some hair and to leave something unbound. It looks very attractive with a casual or semi-formal Outfit and gives a very chic Look. Depending on the type of bun and the type of Outfits it can look very funky.

9. Brötchen-Frisur für kleine Jungs

Behind cut, Textured short hair

This haircut is a textured Look with undercut and short hair. It is an experimental Look and greatly depends on how it is in the Face-Cut will look like. This hairstyle looks clean and tidy. The maintenance is not very high and gives a good overall view.

jugendlich junge haarschnitte Nützlich jugendlich junge Haarschnitte Neueste Teenager-Haarschnitte 2018 Frisuren für Männer

Smooth hair back

This is a shiny Look and looks very stylish and chic. It comes to pull the hair back and to give them a glossy and shiny look. The hairs are cut on the sides and from the middle to the back. This gives the man a voluminous and pretty appearance. The Slickness looks very appealing and with a little care, easy to peel off.

Glattes Haar zurück

Little Boy Hair Cut

This Look is the Best for little boys, because it requires the least amount of maintenance. It has cut hair from the sides and short, but the hair from the middle pulled back. This gives young men a basic Look that looks appealing and smart. It suits you, because it requires no maintenance, and intelligent looks. The short hair will give the face a clean look.

12. Kleiner Junge Haarschnitt

A short high ponytail

This is another style that was adopted, that it is intended only for women, but also men have started with a horse cock. A short ponytail can be made on two levels, either high or low. In the case of small children will be worn, in General, a high ponytail, and for adults, a low horse tail is a very stylish and aptly formal look if worn well. A ponytail is worn both formally as well as informally, since it is both equally suitable.

13. Kurzer hoher Pferdeschwanz

Feathered Hair

This Look is not the name, although many clues, but it is a perfect combination – a feathered, loose hair that is clean and elegant Finish has. It is one that is usually with a casual Outfit sporty and the Person a charming Look. It is the cute charming Look that fits to everyone. The maintenance cost is low and can be worn by almost all men.

Gefiedertes Haar

Long hairstyle with fringe

This includes fringes, which are coupled with relatively longer hair. This Look requires cut hair in different lengths, where you are in the middle or shorter on the sides longer. It is a casual Look, has neck long hair and this is cute and looks different. This is an Option that you can select to experiment.

Lange Frisur mit Fransen

Spiky blond hair

This hair cut is wearing the correct peaks in the middle in blond hair. As the usual Spikes, it will require a basic maintenance and a very funky and cool Look. It is usually worn for casual hangouts or Meetings, because of the Look, preferably from the leisure clothing. The hair color and the style look very nice, if you are connected to each other, and is therefore a common style that is worn by men.

16. Spiky Blonde Haare

Deep Side Part Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a side-to-side partition, which is however deep. This gives the face a neat and clean appearance, as the hair is aligned to the a side and the other side will be pulled. The Partition is clean and is therefore suitable for both formal as well as semi-formal Outfits. The hair is trimmed to the narrower side of the partition, and the Rest is pulled to the other side to be fixed.

Cool Guys Hairstyle

As the Name suggests, this is a refreshing Look that is normally a sporty, if you are wearing a super funky Outfit. This hairstyle has trimmed the hair of the edges. In the mid-long hair pulled to spikes high. This gives a funky Outfit for a very fashionable and at the same time trendy Look. Because it has longer spikes, it requires more maintenance and care, however, provides a different look.

18. Coole Jungenfrisur

Cute Boy Hair Cut

As the Name suggests, this hair cut the kid a attractive look. It is a normal side wall of the hair are not tight and loose, to achieve a casual yet sweet Look. It’s good shepherd with a casual Outfit and a formal Outs. This hair cut looks so good. It makes boys pretty and therefore attractive and easy to care for.

19. Netter Junge Haarschnitt

Hard Part Spiky Hair

As the Name suggests, this haircut hard spines. It has hair on the edges and hard, spiky, gelled hair in the middle area. The hair is cut at the edges, to draw a clean dividing wall between the center and the edges. The Spikes are well-adjusted and, therefore, require basic care. This hairstyle is good for a casual Outfit and gives the Person an elegant, brisk and cool Look.

20. Hartes Teil Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair with Beard

This hairstyle is one of the coolest. It is commonly and occasionally worn by men, because of the harsh and smart appearance, the there are. A Beard, paired with not difficult, but easy to tips of hair, gives the man a very dynamic and stylish Look. With a suitable cut Beard and hair, this Look is the perfect companion for a brisk man. It looks clean, sharp and attractive. This is undoubtedly a correct hair style with a semi-formal Outfit.

Frisur Junge 2017 neue frische 15 besten kurzen Haarschnitte für Männer

African American Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a super experimental and does not fit everyone. There is a clear line that is drawn on the forehead with a slightly strong waves of the hair. It also has a small Design that is from the hair cut, a little to the edge. There is hair on the edges and a bit of gravity waves in the middle to complete the Look. This is very experimental and may fit well with a sporty Outfit.

Doppelter Haarschnitt

Curly hairstyle with Undercut

As the Name suggests, this hairstyle is a mixture of Curls and an undercut. It draws a clear line on the forehead with the right hair cut at the edges. In the middle of this hair cut in severe Curls with a comparatively longer hair. This hair cut is ideal for Wearing with a casual or funky Outfit. It looks messy, but it doesn’t look shabby. This is an interesting Experiment.

Lockige Frisur mit Undercut


Another hairstyle that is experimenting with a node that was previously regarded as a area for girls only. This knot is a loose knot that is easily tied to the top of the head, and is well suited to sports with a casual or semi-formal Outfit. There is a clean but cool Look when worn with the right Outfit. In General, all the hairs are connected to a node, but can be according to your personal tastes. This is a smart and dashing Look.

Jungen-Frisuren für dickes Haar Bild bei 2018 Frisuren, Haarschnitte und Haarfarben

Over comb Fade

This hairstyle is one that requires care, but is an immaculate, neat and sharp look. There are lateral partition walls has pulled to both sides and the hair from the forehead and also the sides to the back. It features a clean separation between the sides and the middle. It has hair on the edges and relatively longer hair in the center. To go with a semi-formal Outfit is a good one.

25. Kamm über mit Fade

Textured Crop Hairstyle

This hairstyle has narrower sides and has cut-off edges with in the General loose hair. They are structured in such a way, that they might be released, but the Person does not look shabby. This hairstyle has a lot of care and is good to wear them in a casual Outfit. The hair falls a little on the forehead, and some of it, but overall good.

26. Texturierte Crop-Frisur

Spiky Hair Stripping

As the Name suggests, this hairstyle tips with a specially at the front edge sharp and high-lying strips. The hairs are cut off at the edges and between the center and the edge of a clean partition is located. It has a strip of Spikes, which are high and sharp-shaped well with others. With stubble provided, it looks sharp and attractive.

27. Spiky Hair abstreifen

Messy hairstyle for boys

As the Name suggests, this hairstyle is a messy hairstyle for boys, to give them a stylish, funky yet cool Look. This hairstyle looks messy, but it’s definitely not shabby. It is good for a casual Hangout or a Meeting for a funky Outfit. This hairstyle looks cool and gives a good Look.

Unordentliche Frisur für Jungen

Undercut Pompadour

This hair cut is wearing a Pompadour, a hairstyle where the hair is in a roll of the forehead and turned back. This hairstyle is generally considered as woman’s hairstyle and is also worn by men alike. This cut-off edges and hair pulled back in a roll, what gives the personality a dynamic Look. It is the perfect choice for a semi-formal Outfit and is in need of a basic care. With a well-kept Beard, he looks good.

29. Undercut Pompadour

Hairstyle for the hard part

In this hairstyle the hair is set to be sufficiently good, and the hair trimmed around the edges, but it will be in reducing hair pattern. Not all the hairs are narrow and cut short. In the middle of the hair is drawn correctly, and inward-looking. This hairstyle is both in the center as well as at the edges of a clean and sharp Look to it, which is the most attractive feature of this Look.

30. Frisur für harte Stellen

Buzz Cut with lines

This hair cut is similar to the cut style of the Crew, and is generally preferred by men who work in the armed forces. A Buzz is a variety of short hairstyles usually designed with electric hair cutters. There is a right separation line, which is wide and in the middle next to the edges also hair is cut has. While the margins have been closely cut hair, the centre is comparatively less straight hair. This hair cut gives a neat and elegant, formal Look and is well suited for a formal or semi-formal Outfit. It looks smart, sharp and appealing.

31. Buzz Cut mit Linien

Messy spiky hairstyle

As the Name suggests, this hairstyle messy spikes. The hair is dissolved in spines and are not short, so they look bizarre or shabby. This is a funky, but cool Look that suits both a casual as well as a fashionable Outfit. This gives the Person a charming look, depending on the associated Outfit. It is a good thing with a medium level of maintenance.

32. Unordentlich stachelige Frisur


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