30 Medium updo hairstyles for women to Look Stunning

Hairstyles can change your Look and your Look improving. It is no matter what hair length you have.

There are so many different hairstyles for different hair lengths. You must select a hairstyle that fits your personality and the occasion.

The hairstyle can make your Look even more attractive and charming. Often, you can select a hairstyle to hide imperfections. Depending on your total makeover, you can choose for every occasion a suitable hairstyle. You don’t have to visit the Salon or the living room to do these hairstyles. You can do easily at home. The advantage of medium hair is that you can try on this length a lot of different hairstyles. Medium updo hairstyles can change your Look within seconds. All of these hairstyles can be easily worn.

Listed below hairstyles can be made, taking into account the casual but stylish appearance that everyone wishes to achieve. With these simple hairstyles, you can make your hair look more beautiful. A beautiful hairstyle not only changes your Look, but also gives your personality elegance.

30 Medium updo hairstyles for women to look stunning

Updo with twisted braids

To achieve this hairstyle, have taken small sections of hair and it braided pigtails made. After that, all pigtail ends are back collected in bulk. A small train was made on the back of the head, and some strands were left loose to hang to the sides. You can wear this style with an elegant dress.

Hochsteckfrisur mit verdrehten Zöpfen

Chignon Updo

If you have medium length hair with highlighted tips, this is the perfect style for you. The entire hair is held loosely at the back of the head. The bun is held at the rear of the lots. The front strands of hair were left open to hang on the sides of the face.

Chignon Updo

Braid into Bun Updo

This hairstyle is very simple and looks very elegant. You need the hair into three sections. The middle part needs to be braided from the top to the bottom. You need to take the braid from both sides. If the braid is in the middle, you can make it. The other two sections can be attached to the sides. The bottom sections of hair to be rolled in to a small bun. This hairstyle is not revealed the length of your hair, so that you can easily carry it.

Braid in Bun Updo

Messy braided updo

A messy hairstyle at the same time looks stylish and casual. You can create this Look by braiding one side of your hair and then the hair, on the lower side of the head to take it up and stack. The hair was not made properly, which gives this hairstyle the super chic Look. The messy Look can be worn with any casual Outfit for the day.

Unordentlich geflochtene Hochsteckfrisur

Simple updo with bangs

This hair Updo looks simple and is even simpler to make. The entire hair was neatly kept in the back of the neck and placed together. The most striking view is the Pony on the forehead. This loose open Pony give this Look the elegance. You can wear this Look with a formal dress for any social event or Party.

Einfache Hochsteckfrisur mit Pony

Messy Updo

The messy Updo will change your Look within seconds. This hairstyle looks beautiful and elegant, with an elegant dress worn. The entire hair was carefully messed it up and back together. Side Curls and front parts of the hair have been openly shown to the left, and wavy. The casual on the face covered the front parts to give the hair style to the casual Look.

Unordentlicher Updo

Fishtail Crown Updo

Fish tails are always in fashion and look trendy. In this case, the fish tail is a very elegant way. The side parts of the hair were formed into fish tails and then arranged so that they produce a crown-like appearance to the head. This Look is so elegant that you can wear it with any formal or semi-formal clothing in a large collection.

Fischschwanzkrone Updo

Inverted Braid Updo

This Look is very different and unique, what you can try out for medium-length hair. The whole hair is braided. You need to make the braid clean and compact, so that no hair beats the streak to fail. The braid was also on the side of the hair parts made. After the mesh is attached to the end, is turned around the hanging section and on the Head attached. The loose Ends at the end of the braid are scattered, in order to create the messy Look.

Inverted Braid Updo

Low bun with braids

This light weight bun looks simple and casual, to wear a dress. The lateral part of the hair was braided at the back of the head and fastened. The rest of the hair on the back was also taken with the pigtail end and made a knot. This simple hairstyle looks fabulous with any dress you wear. This hairstyle goes well with a casual or formal Outfit.

Low Brötchen mit Zöpfen

Loose Updo

This hairstyle has been elegantly engineered for medium length hair. The side-cut hair was loose and made the back of the head to a node. On the side of the face just a few loose threads have been left open. The loose hairstyle of Updo is classic and simple with a dress for night wear. If you have thin hair and less volume in your hair, you can try out this simple hairstyle.

Lose Hochsteckfrisur

High Updo

The piled-high hair is the simplest and most common hairstyle that everyone is doing. In this case, all the hair was piled carefully on the upper part of the head. The hair pile was high above the head. Not a strand is hanging loose, and this creates a neat hairstyle. Minimal Makeup and less jewelry in an elegant dress with this updo is perfect to wear.

High Updo

Messy Bun Updo

If you have medium length hair, you can remove this hair easily. The messy bun Updo is great for Take-away. The front parts of both sides of the head are made to a loose and messy braid, and then at the bottom of the back of the head a low node. The whole hair was messy, and kept, in order to obtain the casual Look. The bun is tied loosely, to make it carefully. Loose strands of hair give the formal attire a classy Look.

Unordentlicher Brötchen-Updo

High Bun Updo

If you have medium length hair, but it’s voluminous and elegant look to this hairstyle is the perfect one for you. Here are all the hair piled on the top of the head. The hair was neatly done so that no single strand is out of place. The bun on the top was repaired to produce a voluminous Look. You can wear this hairstyle with minimal Makeup and jewelry.

High Bun Updo

Page twisted updo hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect to wear with a formal dress for an event or a meeting. If you have fine wavy hair, this style is best for you. Here the hair from the side of the head delicate to be made. Small cuts from the side of the hair were directly turned over to the ear and fixed in place. Only a few strands were left open to hang and also rotated.

Seite verdrehte Hochsteckfrisur Frisur

Back Hairstyle Combed High

If you have short to medium hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. The whole hair remains in a cautious disorder, and was combed to the back of the head. The front hair has been slightly sanded to give the hair Updo elegance. The hair on the back is loosely inserted, so as to achieve the messy Look. You can wear this Look with smoky eyes and minimal Make-up.

Zurückgekämmte Hochsteckfrisur

Ballerina Bun Updo

This Ballerina-bun-Updo will look very elegant and beautiful, if you have thick and fine hair that is straight. The hair was loosely made to a node at the head end. A thin hair was braided strand and used to secure the bun loosely in Position.

Ballerina Brötchen Updo

Retro Updo

The elegant Retro-hair-Updo is something that looks simple, but carefully made, it must be. Here the bread is made on the back of the head. The front part of the hair gives a Retro Look. The lateral hairs were taken. The front part of the hair section is carefully rotated, and wavy and then with the back of the head together. You can wear this Look with any elegant dress.

Messy Bun Updo

This messy bun Updo is a great style that you can wear at a Gala Party for their employees. Each strand of hair was pulled together at the back of the head to a node. The bun was held firmly in Position, but the strands were removed from the rolls. The strands of hair were scattered around the buns to create the perfect messy Look for your hair.

Unordentlicher Brötchen-Updo

Finger Waves-Bun-Updo

Here is a bun that is made to make it elegant and stylish appearance. First, the entire hair was pulled back to form a low hair. Then the hair was curled strands of hair from the front. These strands were also loosened, so that a slightly raised Look. The front strands were highlighted, so that a classic Look was achieved.


Chaotic Chignon

In this updo, the hair was kept loose in the back and tied together in a loose knot. The whole of the hair has a messy look with strands that were made carefully, so as not to fall out of the place and to hang on the sides of the face. The whole Look is messy, but with a semi-formal Outfit very chic.

Chaotischer Chignon

Loose wavy updo

This Look is perfect for the bridesmaid. A loose bun from wavy strands of hair was secured at the head end with head jewelry. Some wavy strands were left at the front of the face open. The entire updo-hair is carefully processed to generate loose curly hair.

Lose wellige Hochsteckfrisur

Low Bun Updo

In this updo, the hair was slit to the side and then all the way at the back of the head gathered to form a low knot. The bun was somewhat loosely held in with pins. The front part of the hair was left on the front of the lots. The Rest of the hair was fastened in a bun. You can wear this hairstyle for a casual yet classic Look.

Niedriger Brötchen-Updo

French braided updo

This is the modern version of a French braid. The usual French braid is finished, and the Ends of which are jointed at the top with a hairpin rather than letting them hang loose. The pigtail ends are rotated in an elegant way, and in the mid to French braid layered and with an elegant hair pin is secured. The entire hairstyle will look with an elegant presentation beautiful.

Französische geflochtene Hochsteckfrisur

Triple stacked bun Updo

The triple stacked bun Updo is an elegant way to wear your bun style. The whole hair is divided into three sections. The first section above was formed into a bun on the head end. The middle section of hair was taken from both sides and made a similar node. In the same way the Rest of the hair was formed directly under the middle node to a node. All three rolls are designed in such a way that they are stacked in the back of the head, one above the other.

Dreifach gestapeltes Brötchen-Updo

Messy Updo with layers

This hairstyle is best suitable for you, if you have medium length hair. The entire hair, with the exception of some strands was brought behind the head in a mess, in order to form a messy bun. The layered haircut emphasizes the face-cut perfectly. The few strands at the front of the face will remain open. Through the multi-layer section at the front, the strands falling elegantly and casually to the front of the face.

Unordentlicher Updo mit Ebenen

Voluminous Chignon

If you are thin, want to have medium length hair and it’s voluminous look, this is the perfect style for you. The front hair on the head was carefully gelled and inflated to produce a volume. The Rest of the hair was combined into a loose, low knot under the neck. The messy hair, the hair thicker in appearance than it actually is.

Voluminöser Chignon

Highlighted Updo with Side Bangs

This hairstyle is a extremely elegant Look for your night parties or large gatherings. Here the front hair was soft waves and styled. The highlighted areas, create a very elegant Look. The Rest of the hair it has been carefully manufactured in the back of the head. The collected hair was gathered to one side of the head and, in a careful clutter arranged. A beautiful Pair of elegant earrings and you have the perfect Party Look for the evening.

Hervorgehobene Updo mit Side Bangs

Back Swept To Upload

You can try out this hairstyle if you have medium-long hair. The hair was slightly combed back and the back together. Strands of hair that escape at each point of the hairstyle, make for the perfect Casual Look for the evening. You can wear this Look without minimal jewellery and no Make-up. A casual dress would fit perfectly to the hairstyle. The casual yet chic Look of the hair Updo is perfect for those who have a thin oval Face.

Zurückgefegtes Hochladen

Messy Chignon

The messy Chignon gives your hair the perfect classic Look. The front parts are loosely swept to the side. The Rest of the hair was collected, to form a low knot at one side of the head. The bun loosely in place with a couple of strands in order to create the messy Look. The lateral hair is placed loosely in the direction of the back of the head and creates an elegant Look.

Unordentlicher Chignon

Side-braided Updo

In this hairstyle, the braid is pulled out large tufts of hair from the side and to the back of the head is extended. The end of the Braid is made with the rest of the hair into a knot. The bun is made at the back of the head. The whole Updo is done properly so that the strands are not released. You can wear this stylish Look easily with a Casual Outfit or a semi-formal Outfit.

Seitlich geflochtener Updo

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