30 Medium straight hairstyles for women Looks to be attractive

Women love their hair. And when it comes to hairstyle, no one wants to screw it up. Your hairstyle is determined by both your Look as well as your personality.

A hairstyle must be on the basis of their personality, face shape and your choice is selected. If working women are today more professional, is also the life-style of importance.

To hold long hair, has become lack of time to a luxury. But who said that you can’t style your hair in short to medium hair? There are so many different hairstyles, change your Look and you look different than in reality. A hairstyle can surely change your entire presentation. Straight hair was always in fashion.

In these days, the enthusiasm has not waned a bit. Straight hair looks in every face cut, trendy and fashionable. This is the reason why people with other hair types can straighten your hair to carry the Look. Whatever your hairstyle is, you can wear it with straight hair self-consciously. Medium straight hairstyles, you can also stand out and are easy to carry. Hairstyles medium straight hair are abundant. In the Following you will find a list of hairstyles that are suitable for women who prefer medium straight hair.

30 medium straight hairstyles for women to look attractive

Medium length hairstyle with Highlights

In this hairstyle, the hair length is to the shoulder. The front locks were cut in the middle layers and left free to have the face covered. The hair, only some sections of hair are taken to cut on the front. The remaining hair was left loose and fell to the shoulders. This Look fits very well with minimal Make-up and a day dress.

Mittellange Frisur mit Highlights

Mid-length medium straight hair

Here you can see that the middle vertex has defined the hair cut in a shoulder-length medium hair. The hair cut is the same on both sides of the head are equal and proportionate. The hair fall free on the shoulders and around the face. There are no further experiments were carried out. People with any face shape can wear this Look with Confidence. A bold Look with the semi-casual dress would suit this hairstyle.

Mittellanges mittelgroßes glattes Haar

Shoulder Long Straight Balayage Hairstyle

If you have thin hair that is up to the shoulders in length, you can wear this hairstyle. Here, the hair was separated to the side. The entire hair is held straight, but the Ends are curled a bit, making the shoulder has a long straight Balayage hairstyle stylish. The choppy blunt Ends of the hair section are also highlighted in order to achieve a striking appearance. This hairstyle creates a soft Look.

Schulterlange Gerade Balayage Frisur

Medium blond straight hair cut with choppy Ends

The medium blonde straight hairstyle with choppy Ends is for people with a round face. Although almost every face suits cut to hairstyle, he acts on a round face stand out. A simple side-to-side separation was carried out. The front locks are arranged on the face side neatly. The entire hair section is kept clean and the Ends of the hair were highlighted strands.

Mittelblondes glattes Haarschnitt mit abgehackten Enden

Medium shared medium blonde hair

For people with a hair length just below the shoulders, this is a very casual and chic style to wear with a casual Outfit. The hair is in the middle and falls freely on the shoulders. Light and soft waves were created in the hair and the hair tips are also highlighted to attract attention. Due to the soft, wavy look of the smooth blond hair, the hairstyle is easy to carry.

Mittleres geteiltes mittleres blondes Haar

Shiny blonde medium straight hair

This hairstyle is perfect for those shoulder-length, medium-length hair. The simple part enough to define the Look. The shiny hair and the highlighted hair ends, in order to capture the focus. The hair at the roots is darker than at the tips, making it look chic. A decent Make-up the not-so-ordinary hairstyle perfectly complements. A slightly messy Look in your hair can be easily with an elegant dress worn.

Glänzendes blondes mittleres glattes Haar

Medium haircut with side-swept bangs

This hairstyle is very neat and looks good with a semi-formal dress. The smooth hair was neatly done so that no single strand is out of place. The hair is side separated. On the face side, stylishly arranged in a front Bang gives the hairstyle a charm. The medium hair cut with side sweeping bangs elegance combined with fashion.

Mittlerer Haarschnitt mit seitlich gekehrten Pony

Blonde layered straight hair

Nothing looks perfect with blonde hair than straight Hair. The middle parting is casual and the hair is perfectly styled. A few stray strands on the face to define cutting the Face. Otherwise, the whole Look is kept simple. The hair was carefully smoothing to the tips. This Look can be worn with an eye-catching dress and smoky eyes.

Blond geschichtetes glattes Haar

Medium blonde straight hair

The medium blond straight hair is suitable for those who have a hair length just above the shoulders. The hair is divided in the middle. Front layers of the hair frame the face gently and to define a cut to the Face. The Rest of the hair was simple and straight. The straight Curls, which will fall on the shoulders make for a soft but charming Look. You can combine a formal dress with this Look.

Mittelblondes glattes Haar

Medium-long straight cut hairstyle

This casual hairstyle is best for a day out with friends or for Brunch. This style would look like in people with medium-length hair. A simple side parting gives this hairstyle a more casual Look. The length of the hair is of medium length, which is perfect for this hairstyle. The page separation is performed casually for a more casual Look. The Rest of the hair is kept clean and straight.

Mittellange gerade geschnittene Frisur

Medium straight Bob hair cut

Bob Cut has been tried for ages and experimenting. This medium just Bobhaarschnitt can be rocked in a straight hairstyle. Bob in this hair length for a new and fresher Look, is cut. The middle part was made in the hair. If you have slightly wavy hair, you can carry this Look definitely with Confidence. The slightly messy and casual Look of the hair makes it perfect to wear it with a bold Outfit.

Mittlerer gerader Bob-Haarschnitt

Asymmetric Bob with straight hair

You have straight hair with Bobschnitt, but bored with the same old, regular Look? The asymmetrical Bob with smooth hair for attention. The hair is completely swept on one side of the head, whereby on both sides of the asymmetrical hair length. The hair was kept a little messy to create a casual Look. The Look is unique and classy for a casual Look.

Asymmetrischer Bob mit glattem Haar

Medium long straight hairstyle

If you have medium-short straight hair, you can try these stylish yet fresh Look. The whole hair is kept simple. The hair cut is also straight to the end. Only the Ends of the hair section to be swept to the rear. The front Curls are swept together with the back of the hair to the back, allowing the charming Look. You can wear this Look to any suit or dress.

Mittellange gerade Frisur zurückgedreht

Medium straight hairstyle for black women

The medium straight hairstyle for black women is particularly suitable if you have a thinner hair texture, and a darker skin tone. The hair is fine and smooth in Texture and creates a smooth appearance, if it is divided in the middle. The soft falling strands on the shoulders and on the front side of the face to determine the face cut. This simple Look is perfect for a festive dress for a Party or a Meeting.

Mittlere gerade Frisur für schwarze Frauen

Blonde medium straight hairstyle

This hairstyle is great for medium hair. The medium-haired hair was made graceful. Hair from both sides of the separating cut in layers. The layered strands are designed in such a way that they fall freely around the face. The Rest of the hair was swept gently to the outer sides. The entire hairdo of the blonde medium hairstyle has been run on straight hair. Berry mouth, and brand new Make-up compliment the Look wonderfully.

Blonde mittlere gerade Frisur

Central shared medium hair with choppy layers

The medium hair with choppy layers is best, if you have a heart-shaped face. The front sections of hair to be mixed in the Curls and cut with the Rest of the hair. The medium hair is smooth and shiny, which complements the semi-formal Look. The choppy Ends of the hairdo were highlighted. The layered strands of hair giving the hairstyle a more casual Look. Minimal Make-up is required to complement the Look.

Mittiges geteiltes mittleres Haar mit abgehackten Schichten

Medium straight Lobel

If you have thin hair, you want to wear in a casual yet classy style, is the medium-sized, straight-cut tab portion of the best for you. The whole length of the hair is kept the same and the shoulders are brushed. The lateral Trimming of hair is done carefully, so that one side of the hair having the maximum strands. The smooth hair with loose on both sides is a style dress Curls full of Look for a day.

Mittlerer gerader Lobel

Medium, straight hair with choppy bangs

The medium-length hair with choppy bangs is a suitable hairstyle for smooth and glossy hair. The front sections of hair are kept a little longer than the back of the hair. The hair was blunt-designed to compliment the Pony on the front. The Pony was carefully arranged on the forehead are distributed.

Mittleres, gerades Haar mit abgehackten Pony

Medium blonde hair with side-swept bangs

This well maintained and elegant hairstyle can be worn with gorgeous earrings and an elegant dress beautifully. The blonde hair will look good with a dark dress. The shoulder-length cut hair, it was directed inward. The only thing that excited at the hairstyle with the bangs that are neatly and carefully swept to one side of the hair.

Mittelblondes Haar mit seitlich gekehrten Pony

Dark and light blonde medium straight hairstyle

The hair length for this hairstyle is medium length. The middle section of Hair shows the symmetrical hair cut throughout the hairstyle. This symmetrical cut will be highlighted by a casually toned hair perfectly. The smooth Texture of the hair and the blunt Ends make the entire look soft. This hairstyle can easily be matched with any casual Outfit you wear.

Dunkle und hellblonde mittlere gerade Frisur

Edgy medium blonde straight hairstyle

This hairstyle is very easy to carry. The hair cut was kept at a medium length. The entire hair is straight and smooth kept. The hair strands are neatly arranged and styled, so that they will fall elegantly over the shoulder. The cut Ends of the strands were highlighted.

Edgy mittelblonde gerade Frisur

Medium Ombre Smooth straight hairstyle

For all who want to experiment with a smooth and medium-short hair, this style is perfect. The middle parting has been carried out with perfect glossy and smooth hair. The hair is cut at all sides of equal length. The hair tips were highlighted, while the roots, and the surroundings are dark colored, which gives the style a unique and trendy Look. This style can be worn with a beautiful Make-up and jewelry.

Mittlere Ombre Glatte gerade Frisur

Medium-long straight cut hairstyle

This hairstyle is very neat to carry a day look. The entire hair from the front part of the head is drawn back. The smooth Look in the perfectly smooth hair at the front is what looks in your look good.

Mittellange gerade geschnittene Frisur

Medium straight hairstyle with side bangs

Side bangs are always in style. The medium straight hairstyle with side Pony’s night, the perfect Look for a social gathering or a Gala. Perfectly cut, medium-length hair is laterally divided. The side bangs complement with the same great haircut on all hair pages. Just a touch of strong colour on the lips and you can rock the Look.

Mittlere gerade Frisur mit seitlichem Pony

Middle part Medium straight praise

The medium-haired hair in this hairstyle is cut in the middle deep. Hair from both sides were made so that they fall over the shoulder. The straight cut of the hair on all sides makes it Look easy. And when combined with the right dress, is elegant, and the style. A beautiful dress complements the Look perfectly.

Mittlerer Teil Mittlerer gerader Lob

Edgy Messy Medium Straight Hairstyle

In the case of the messy messy medium straight hairstyle the entire focus is cutting on the uneven hair. The medium-length hair is smooth and glossy. The hair was on the messy side, to complement the light Makeup and minimal jewelry. The front sections of hair around to fall neatly over and around the face, resulting in a classic Look. You can wear this Look for a night out with friends or for a social gathering. The only required accessory is a single piece of dangling neckwear.

Dark blonde medium straight hair

Nothing looks, with dark blond hair better than this hairstyle. The dark blonde medium straight hair is medium hair length. The whole hair is kept clean and smooth. The middle section of Hair shows the smooth and symmetrical hair cut at all sides. The hair looks too neat to be with a simple dress and minimal Make-up worn.

Dunkelblondes mittleres glattes Haar

Light Auburn Medium-Length Hair

The hairstyle is best suited for glossy, shiny hair. The same hair length on both sides of the head with a middle part. Although the entire haircut is the same, cut the front sections of hair at the end of something irregularly, to hug the face frame. The Make-up is also complemented by the slightly reddish hair color.

Leichtes Auburn Mittellanges Haar

Medium blonde straight hair with layers

The medium blonde smooth hair with layers is best for people with blonde hair. The hair is divided in the middle. The front sections of hair are cut into layers. The hair ends are made blunt, so as to create a soft Look that complements the entire Look. Instead of an absolutely straight look of the hair layers have a very slight wave. Dewy Makeup and a bright red mouth perfectly complement the hairstyle and the hair color.

Mittelblondes glattes Haar mit Schichten

Medium straight Lobel

The hairstyle is the hair length right above the shoulders. The front sections of hair are kept a little short. The front locks were swept with a lateral partition wall to one side. The whole style was kept a little more casual-elegant to complement the dress and the Make-up. The laterally curved hair looks both classic and elegant with the face shape.

Mittlerer gerader Lobel

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