30 medium hairstyles with layers for women

The hairstyle is an important part of your makeover. A hair style can be your fashion statement, if you can carry it properly.

Nowadays, men your hairstyle even aware of. Then there is every reason for a woman to be aware of your hair style be aware of.

A hairstyle must always be according to your hair type, Texture and face cut selected. The most Important thing is, of course, whether you can wear it or not. Even a beautiful hairstyle ruined your entire presentation, if you can’t wear. A proper hairstyle can do wonders for your Look. It can make your thinning hair voluminous look; It can make you look younger. Sometimes, different hairstyles are used to hide any defects in the face.

On the other hand, if the hairstyle is not chosen correctly, can make you look older than you actually are. Before you decide for a hairstyle, you must be very sure, what Look are you hoping for and whether it suits you or not. Layers are very in fashion. In the Following you will find a list of medium hairstyles with layers, from which you can choose.

30 medium hairstyles with layers for women

Medium wavy hairstyle with layers

If you have shoulder-length hair, this cut is the perfect style for your hair. The Best part is that this hairstyle is suitable for almost any age. The light waves and the messy Look will create the perfect casual clothes that you have always wanted. The medium wavy layered hairstyle can be easily worn, if you have wavy hair. If you have straight hair, the hairstyle tidy. For a more casual Look, you can also create slight waves in your hair.

Mittlere wellenförmige Frisur mit Schichten

Medium layered Bob

If you don’t like bob cut hair, is of medium layered Bob is perfect for you. The length of the hair that extends up to the shoulder. The layers cut Bob looks stylish and trendy. If you have a wide forehead, the best hairstyle, the Look balance. The medium layered Bob can be best worn with an oval or long face. You can wear this Look easily with any dress.

Mittlerer geschichteter Bob

Medium blonde layered hair

The layered Look in the medium blond layered hair looks significantly, with the front layers falling on the face. This Look is perfect for those who have straight hair and volume. The layered Look of the hairstyle creates a soft style that adapts to any face shape. People with fine hair can wear this hairstyle with a sleek Outfit.

Mittelblondes geschichtetes Haar

Brown Balayage hair with wavy layers

This layered cut gives your hair the perfect funky Look. The brown Balayage-hair cut is irregular, with short hair on the back and longer in the front. The uneven style seems at the same time very classy and elegant. The brown hair on the outer sides completes the Look. This hairstyle is best when you have wavy hair with waves at the hair end.

Braunes Balayage-Haar mit gewellten Schichten

Medium length hair layered

The layers in this hairstyle are perfectly designed to create an elegant, classic Look. The strands of hair have been perfectly styled to create a back style of the layers. This hairstyle for medium long hair makes the hair more voluminous and thicker. The Ends of the layers are also curled slightly, in order to avoid the conical appearance.

Mittellanges Haar geschichtet

Layered blonde Bob

For people with smooth blond hair, the perfect hairstyle is here for you. This Look you can easily wear with an elegant dress. The hairstyle has no eye-catching layers, but the focus is on the Texture of the hair. The layers were carefully executed, what will be straightened with the Rest of the hair carefully. The front layers have been dissolved on the face, which creates the elegant Look of the hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle at a social event or Gala.

Geschichteter blonder Bob

Wavy layered medium hair

If you have medium length hair, you can complement this hairstyle with your evening attire. In this hairstyle the entire focus is on the layers. The layers were specially curled and crimped to create a slightly messy, yet classic Look. The hair together with the layers is dissolved, while the layers were in the back highlighted. Such a hairstyle makes her hair full. If you have thin hair, you can try this hair cut definitely.

Wellenförmiges geschichtetes mittleres Haar

Wavy layered hair

The side-swept wavy layered hair is a further variant, how to make your layered hair can wear. If you are bored with the same simple Look, you can try this. Layered hair looks very stylish, if you generate waves in your hair. You can apply a little Gel, and paint on the layers and the perfect style for your hair create. The laterally curved hair with this Look fits to an elegant Dress for your Party or any other Event-Show.

Wellenförmiges geschichtetes Haar

Medium layered hair with bangs

If you have medium-length hair cut into layers, and with the same style, bored, changes the Look immediately within seconds. The Pony in the Front transforms you completely. If you have thin hair, your Look with this hairstyle in style. The multi-layer cutting is performed up to the shoulders, and the bangs on the forehead makes for the chic Look that you can pull off easily. This Look you can wear with any dress.

Mittellagiges Haar mit Pony

Ombre Lob

The hairstyle is most suitable if you have a hair length that ends just below your chin. To get the look, you need to create a perfect messy look of your hair. Highlights at the hairline will give your entire Look a stylish transformation. Most of the hair will be swept to one side over the head, and the Rest remains as it is, to achieve a perfect look. The Ombre style is perfect for you, if you want to wear a short, short hairstyle perfectly.

Ombre Lob

Blonde layered hairstyle with choppy Ends

For all these blond-haired girls, this Look can bring out the charm in you to expression. If you have hairs that are just above your shoulder with blond accents, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The layered Ends are frizzy, which is a perfect, classic Look. The messy Curls are perfect for a casual Outfit. If you have thin and wavy hair, will suit this hairstyle the best to you.

Blonde geschichtete Frisur mit abgehackten Enden

Layered Curls

Who said that layers can only look at straight hair good? You can have the perfect Look also, if you have curly hair. The layered look Curls are very stylish and trendy for a casual Outfit. If you don’t have a lot of volume in your hair, the layered cut in a more voluminous and fuller look Curls give. You can wear this haircut with a casual Outfit. This haircut is suitable for any face shape.

Geschichtete Locken

Wavy Bob with layers

A bob cut hair is not always boring. You can rock your hair cut with this hairstyle yet. Or, you can leave your normal hair look. The hair will just split and the Ends are styled to the Ends. The hair layers, this Styling stylish and elegant look. This elegant Look you can wear with any formal attire. Here, the Ends of the hair layers are made wavy.

Wellenförmiger Bob mit Schichten

Medium blond curly layered hair

The medium blonde curly layered hair is ideal for people with light. The slight Curl to make the Style soft. You can wear this hairstyle easily with an elegant dress for an event. The soft Curls are beautifully made to emphasize the face. For a bit of a chaotic appearance, some strands were left in front of the forehead open. With the hairstyle, you can achieve a casual yet elegant Look.

Mittelblondes lockiges geschichtetes Haar

Ombre layered hair with bangs

With this hairstyle, you can give your layered haircut a more stylish Look. The hair was kept loose and reaches to the shoulders. The Pony on the front give the Look more style. The layer ends of the hair are highlighted. The slightly wavy hair looks classy and casual at the same time. You can store this hairstyle with a casual Outfit or a semi-formal Outfit.

Ombre geschichtetes Haar mit Pony

Balayage – Medium-Layered Hairstyle

The middle layer Balayage-hairstyle is the right hairstyle for you, if you have shoulder-length hair. Soft waves were generated at the tips of your hair to give your hair a classy Look. The highlighted strands are mixed with the strands, to give your Look a more casual Look. This top of the head was left loose, while the Ends of the hair and the side Curls wavy look. You can wear this Look to any trendy Outfit that you have.

Balayage - Mittelschichtige Frisur

Medium-long layered hair with waves

If you have straight hair, this layered Look is ideal to complement your Outfit. The hair was left at the end with light waves in the open. The length of the hair is below the shoulders, which puts the focus on the layers. The smooth Look of your hair will look great with any Outfit elegant and chic. The hair is a slit on the side, and the hair is left open.

Messy layered Medium wavy hair

The hair was separated in the middle carefully. Thereafter, the ends of the hair were given to gentle waves. Long layers were made to shift the focus from the haircut to the hairstyle. This simple Chaos looks chic and stylish, with every formal Outfit that you have. The hair tips were also highlighted. If you have less volume in your hair, you can try out this hairstyle for the perfect Look.

Unordentlich geschichtetes Medium welliges Haar

Smooth layered hair

The smooth, layered hairstyle is perfect for those who have shoulder-length silky hair. Without a special Makeover, you can wear this simple hairstyle easily. The hair was left with a simple lateral separation to be open. The straight and sleek Look and draws the focus to the carefully cut layers in your hair. For this Look you will need to have an extremely shiny and smooth hair. The sleek Look gives a significant insight into the location of the hair cut.

Glatt geschichtetes Haar

Face, the blonde Bob styled

This is the classic Bob cut with trendy Look. Layers in the Front form a perfect frame for your face. This hairstyle is best if you have a round face. In this case, this style emphasizes your face cut perfectly. The layers were run from the top to the end of the hair carefully. Only a few strands were left open to achieve a trendy Look.

Gesicht, das blonden Bob gestaltet

Layered Lob with crimped Pony

In this hairstyle the Bob Cut Look has a completely different look. The shoulder-length hair look wavy. There is a Pony in the front. But instead of releasing it, were curled the bangs, making the face looks elegant and timeless. The hair was laterally divided, with the bangs attract attention to the face. This hairstyle is best for thin hair without volume.

Geschichteter Lob mit gekräuselten Pony

Medium layered hair with blunt bangs

This hairstyle is just Right for you if your hair length a little below your shoulder. The whole hair with layers look wavy. The Ends of the layers have been retained, while the Rest of the hair is curled. The Pony in the Front left with a slight curl open to the inside. Instead of a flashy Look, the blunt bangs with this hairstyle even more refined.

Mittellagiges Haar mit stumpfen Pony

Medium long tapered hair cut

This hairstyle looks chic and stylish, if you have thin blond hair. To move the focus of the Texture of the hair and to make it trendy, one of the Ends of the layers of the conical. There are no eye-catching hair, create a more casual Look. But the layers with gentle waves at the end will give your hairstyle elegance. This hairstyle can be pulled off with any trendy Outfit.

Mittellange, konische Haarschnitt

Retro Style

The hairstyle is what creates the Retro Look actually. The hair length has been kept up to the shoulders. The layers were long held, and to the ends of the hair curled. The entire smooth hair with a casual page capture and wavy layers makes for a perfect Retro Look with elegance. You can combine this Look with a free Outfit.


Choppy Lob

The choppy Lob is the perfect hairstyle for you if you have short hair just below the chin. In this Look the hair was swept to the side, the uneven layers of highlight. This hairstyle is suitable for formal Outfit. This casual and yet chic Look is perfect for those who have an oval Face.

Choppy Lob

Choppy Shag Haircut

The choppy haircut looks casual yet chic. The hair was casually left open. The uneven layers will appear in the smooth blonde hair is clearly visible. Instead of being curled, it creates krause Look for a more casual Look. You can wear this haircut with any casual or formal Outfit. The middle section of Hair makes the hairstyle to clean.

Abgehackter Shag-Haarschnitt

Shaggy Lob with choppy layers and bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for a casual dress. In this haircut, the layers were kept untidy, to avoid sharpness. The main focus is on the front bangs, which are messy on the forehead. This messy Pony give the front of your hair a clean Look and frame your face cut.

Medium Bob with bouncy layers

The medium Bob with bouncy layers the hairstyle, if you have a round face. The hair was divided in the middle. The layers were provided with gentle waves, the the springy Look to create. The hair ends were left open, with the cut end of the layers looked striking. The hair was provided with a light shaft in order to look full and voluminous.

Mittlerer Bob mit springenden Schichten

Blonde Balayage layered Lob

This hairstyle is suitable for those whose hair length right above the shoulders. The hairstyle looks casual and yet classic. The hair stand have been kept in disarray and left open. The hairstyle looks on the back a little shorter than on the front. The layers complete the casual Look of the hairstyle.

Blonder Balayage geschichteter Lob

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