30 Medium hairstyles for thick hair and Complement your Look

You will hardly find someone who would like to have a representative appearance. You do not need any additions of other. If you feel when you look in the mirror about her Appearance well, you will receive the necessary boost for your confidence.

The hair plays a crucial role in improving the beauty of people, men or women. A well-groomed hairstyle takes several months, while a wrong hair cut ruined the entire Look. Therefore, it is important that you make the right choice. If you are not sure, ask your hair stylist to choose the cut that complements your appearance to the “T”.

Not all have the same hair color, Texture, pattern or length. The selection of the cut also depends on the facial structure of the Person concerned. Therefore, the cut that is right for you is not suitable, may be for another Person. In this article you will get Details to medium hairstyles for thick hair. These styles were introduced by experts from the fashion industry for individual requirements. This does not mean that you can make to these styles, no Changes. To follow fashion trends blindly, you will benefit nothing. Make sure that you choose something that fits your personality and the occasion perfectly. Is given a list of hairstyles that could fit your style.

30 medium hairstyles for thick hair to complement your Look

Blonde layered haircut

No matter whether you have a long face or oval face structure, the blond hair, their appearance will complement cut perfectly. If you have a thick hair volume, you can opt for a Frontal bangs to hide part of your forehead, and to strengthen the secret. The levels of her face, linear appear. If you have a bad day, simply use a Clip to bind your layers.

Blond geschichteten Haarschnitt

Medium length Bob with layers

Celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Oprah Winfrey had a lot of times a medium-length Bob with layers-hairstyle. This style is characterized by a unilateral stratification. It looks better if you separate your locks on one side. The shortest layer should never be above the cheekbones, and the longest layer depends on the total length of your hair.

Mittellanger Bob mit Schichten

Blonde hair with wavy layers

If you want to turn all the heads, blonde hair with wavy layers the perfect style for you. It is a popular hairstyle and is often shown in Fantasy films. It looks better if you have a medium to long length. In contrast to most other layered hairstyles for women with thin hair volume. You can also try several different Looks for this style.

Blondes Haar mit gewellten Schichten

Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob is back in Trend and you can see that many celebrities wear this style. If you have short hair, you can renew your appearance by cutting the end of your Lure this way. If you have a high forehead, you can’t make the frontal bangs that covered them, but her face transforms.

Welliger Lob

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical Bob is another style that never goes out of fashion. The best for people who have an oval or long face. The sides are sharply cut, and these layers falling gently on your cheeks. You don’t hide your face, but create an Illusion of perfectly chiseled chin. The Hide of the forehead is easy, if you cut off the hair to the side and the front layers to let the temple fall.

Asymmetrischer Bob

Medium Shag Hairstyle

Shaggy from Scooby-Doo has a unique hairstyle that looks messy, but also of others in the group is different. If you want to acquire the same Look, opt for the medium hair cut. As the Name suggests, it is best if you have a medium length. You can ask the hairdresser to use a razor blade to trim the Ends of your Curls for that natural Look.

Mittlere Shag-Frisur

Blonde wavy hair

If you have Curls wavy like Jessica Alba, the blonde wavy hairstyle is perfect for you. It will accentuate your face, especially if the Locks are long. Thanks to this unique style, you can leave your hair open or in a high ponytail tie. So you can wear a new Look. It is easy for this style to maintain.

Blondes gewelltes Haar

Shaggy Bob with waves

You are worried about your unruly locks? If the care of the hair is cumbersome, it is best if you play the shaggy Bob with waves. Although it looks messy, it will give your hair a special appearance. You brush your hair just using a comb and you can get started.

Medium Length Ombre Bob

To care for thick hair is no easy task. For a medium-long Bexy Bob hair, you no longer have to worry about cutting it. This is a mixture of layers of different length, fall on each other and your face a perfect shape. It will Entice both on straight as well as wavy look good.

Mittellanger Ombre Bob

Medium layered hair with Highlights

Enhancing their beauty with medium-layered hair with Highlights, the current Trend is. If your hair reaches the shoulders, is it the right cut for you. No matter whether you have straight, Curls, wavy, or curly, your face will be emphasized perfectly. The front layers are shorter than the layers on the back.

Mittellagiges Haar mit Highlights

Shoulder Length Bob

Shoulder-length Bob is the perfect haircut for women with oval or long faces. The Frontal bangs covered part of her forehead and the side layers enclose her cheeks. Both the sides and the middle part will look like with this cut. The successive layers will give the impression that you have a thick hair volume.

Schulterlänge Bob

Messy wavy hair cut

Who said that short hair a glamorous Look, knew nothing sectional about the messy wavy hair! As the Name suggests, are used in this interface Layer without a fixed pattern. It looks best for people with curly or wavy and short hair. Through the messy layers of the hair can create an Illusion of thick hair volume.

Unordentlich welliger Haarschnitt

Messy shoulder-length hair

If you have a medium hair length and have no desire to enter into a compromise, and ask your hair stylist to give them the messy Shoulder-length-hairstyle. The wavy nature of your hair will complement your look and your facial structure. Due to the non-symmetric layer pattern, you do not need to brush the locks constantly. Just run with your fingers for a while and you are done.

Unordentlich schulterlanges Haar

Medium hair cut with layers and Shaggy Waves

Another hair cut that wonders for women with shoulder length hair, haircut for the medium hair with layers and tousled waves. As the Name suggests, is a combination of two different styles. The sharp layers add shape, while her wavy add Lock volume. With this style, you do not have to Worry to be a bad day. The front layers in front of the forehead can be as small or as large as you want.

Mittlerer Haarschnitt mit Schichten und Shaggy Waves

Angular Bob with Bangs

If wavy hair is not your Cup of tea and you need something to match your bold and edgy personality, the use of angled Bob with bangs is the best Option. Here you can get layers with sharp cuts. A certain part of the hair is in the front shaped in the Form of a Pony. Depending on the hair part, you can leave it from the right or left side. The front layers are at their longest, short back layers.

Winkel Bob mit Bangs

Medium blonde straight hair

Not all are blessed with long straight hair like Jennifer Aniston, but if you fall into this lucky category, then funds are blond straight hair with soft layers the right cut for you. Thanks to the smooth nature of your hair, you do not need to invest a lot of time to maintain them. The obedient layers will give your face a Form. You can tie your hair either, or loose hold.

Mittelblondes glattes Haar

Blonde Bob with layers

Bob’s are the flavour this season and you can earn with the blond Bob with layers serious fashion points. It is the perfect hair cut for all seasons of the year. Maintaining the short layers is easy and you can make in minutes. If you have straight Locks, these layers are more pronounced. The front layers are also cover her face partially.

Blonder Bob mit Schichten

Gestapfter Bob with Highlights

Stacked Bob with Highlights is the perfect hairstyle for fashion conscious people who dare to take the less travelled path. It has the unique property of of layers that are longer in front and short back. Seen from the side, he draws a diagonal line from back to front. You can use blonde hair color, to the crown highlight. Correct Highlights, underline the appearance of this section, and you can turn a lot of heads.

Gestapfter Bob mit Highlights

Glossy, medium, large hair

Rose Byrne was in a position to make headlines, not only because of their amazing performance in the movies, but also because of their beauty. A great merit should deserve your hairdresser, the clothes you during your last appearance on the red carpet in a sleek, medium-sized hair. The layers act gracefully and fall off properly. You can get a certain portion of the layers to cover each side of her face. If you don’t feel like your straight Curls for the Look, tie it in a neat horsetail and you are sorted for the day.

Glattes, mittelgroßes Haar

Medium long hair with Curls

People with curly hair often complain about problems while dressing, or to Maintain your Curls. However, if you choose for the medium-heavy hair with Curls, disappearing your hair in the air. This unique hair cut to cut your Curls in certain Places, so you have very short hair in the front, while delicate curly Curls for the Rest of your head to decorate. The presence of Curls stresses the volume of your hair.

Mittellanges Haar mit Locken

Lob with face-framing layers

This hairstyle is best suitable for you, if you have an oval or long face. The hair is straight and parted in the middle was carried out in the hair. The hair in the Front was cut into layers that fall around the face. The rest of the hair is shoulder-length. The front layers around the face to define the Face clearly. This Look is very soft in the face and you can use these hairstyle with any casual-elegant dress.

Lob mit Gesichtsrahmenschichten

Medium length hair with bangs

In this hairstyle, the hair length is medium long. In the hair, layer cut was used. The front part and the bangs are left over the forehead free. In the rest of the hair shafts were created specifically to strands at the end of the hair, to create a casual yet classic Look. The carefully-generated waves give the whole hairstyle a voluminous Look.

Mittellanges Haar mit Pony

Textured Lob with layers

Here the hair length is medium-long length. The hair was cut in layers, and the front hair are kept a little longer than the back hair. The layered cut was highlighted. The whole hair is messy and layered strands are made wavy. This Look is very casual and can be worn with a casual Outfit.

Strukturierter Lob mit Schichten

Medium blonde hair with fine hair

In this style, the hair is medium short and slightly below the shoulders. The front layer of hair was kept straight, to brush the face. The Rest of the hair is kept straight. The entire hair on the head is carefully arranged to stay in place. If you have Curls, blonde hair and straight, you can wear this Look easily to an evening dress. There are Front bangs in the hair, the look wispy.

Mittelblondes Haar mit feinen Haaren

Medium layered blonde Bob

The hair in this style are of medium length. Layer cut has been applied on a bob hair cut. The front sections of hair are kept a little long. The layered hair was carefully gelled to make it casual. The Rest of the hair strands is preserved. The entire style has been kept, with smooth blond hair loose. You can wear this Look for an evening party.

Mittlerer geschichteter blonder Bob

Medium Ombre hair with Curls

If you Attract medium-to-soft and thick hair, you can take this Look easily. The hair was divided in the Look to the side. Apart from the first strands of hair in the face, the hair was curled at the Ends in order to achieve a fuller and more voluminous appearance. The Look is so great, that no heavy jewelry or Makeup is required.

Mittleres Ombre-Haar mit Locken

Medium-length hair with loose waves and bangs

In this style the hair is cut to shoulder length. Soft waves were generated strands to the hair. The Front bangs in the hairstyle give the style a classic Look. A bit messy Look of the hair style of elegance. This hairstyle is perfect life with a Pair of beautiful earrings for an evening party or for a night.

Mittellanges Haar mit lockeren Wellen und Pony

Layered medium wavy hairstyle with bangs

In this Look, the Pony steals the hairstyle for the attention. Layer cut of hair curled were made strands. The layered Ends were highlighted. The Rest of the hair was up on the top of the head with waves. The Pony, however, was kept straight and neat on the forehead is arranged. You can wear the Look with a formal dress.

Überlagerte mittelwellige Frisur mit Pony

Central shared medium wavy hair

This Look is cool and chic, if you have medium length hair. The hair is divided in the middle. The strands of hair have been casually made wavy. The wavy strands falling over the shoulder, creates a chic Look. Apart from the wavy hair, the rest of the hair strands loosely over the shoulder. This Look is perfect for a day with a casual Outfit. A minimal Makeup for the Look required.

Mittiges geteiltes mittleres gewelltes Haar

Shoulder long thick hairstyle

For people with shoulder-length hair, have a thick Texture, this hairstyle is perfect for the casual yet classic Look. The front bangs are left over the forehead open, which creates a casual Look. The Rest of the hair was left with soft waves on the shoulders open. The hair are tousled, the strands of hair slightly, to complete the Look. This style can be worn with minimal jewelry and an eye-catching dress.

Schulterlange dicke Frisur

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