30 Funky hairstyles for short hair – Look bold and hot

There are so many styles and experiments that you can do with short hair.Gone are the days were, as only a few styles for short hair available. At that time, people were proud to have long hair. But these days, everyone would chop off happy his long mane to get to this beautiful, but unconventional hairstyles.

Nowadays, there are many hairstyles for short hair. Also, two or more traditional hairstyles can be combined in order to achieve the ultimate Look. Not to forget the various colors and shades, with which the Show is stolen? Funky hairstyles for short hair is definitely the madness of this Era. The different cuts, styles and shades to be used, so that a new Look and the old traditional Look is restored.

Short hair is obviously easy to wear and maintain, but the experiment with short hair has led to pretty good results, which are listed below. Another big advantage of short hair is that it is suitable for almost any face cut and you can always leave it to grow back, when you are bored !! Short hairstyles are much more funky than any other hair length.

30 Funky hairstyles for short hair – you look bold and hot

Short gray hair with long bangs

This contemporary short gray hair with long side bangs is one of the easiest ways to style your hair girls with short hair. At the same time, if you have gray, blonde short hair, you will be able with this particular style absolutely graceful look. One of the main components of the hair is that she has a beautiful, thin, long bangs, giving them a very elegant appearance.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Short haircut with purple Highlights

You have a beautiful; blonde and short hair? And you have no more ideas how to do this hairstyle yourself? Now, for you Short Funky haircuts with Purple Highlights can be an ideal Option for you to look perfect. By lifting up the front part of the hair with a violet color, you can lift the lot out. Basically, it is a remarkable hairstyle, if you can carry it properly.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Pixie with Edgy Bangs

A girl with short blond hair, always choose for the excellent hairstyle that lends them the classy Look. And that can be a pixie cut with a bit of nervous pop. Now, this cut looks for thin hair are always excellent. You can transform your Look completely in a younger Look by getting this style. Apart from all the brown highlights-blonde nervous pop the hairstyle and gives your face a striking expression.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

A short spiky blonde Pixie

Girls with short and thin blonde hair can try this short, spiky, blonde Pixie hairstyle easily. It is not only timely, but it also gives them a smart and bold Look. This cut makes the Look edgy and the front mandrel makes for an attractive Look. One of the interesting facts of this haircut is that you can have this hairstyle easily.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Pastel Ombre, Messy Short Hair

Short hair cuts always make sure to have a stunning and attractive Look. This pastel pink Ombre short hair looks uneven and messy, and this is the Highlighter for the style. This bright pink color makes it absolutely precious. You get a modern Look. This short hair cut and Ombre color for bright and dazzling appearance. The angular end of the hair style is a eye-catching Look.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Blonde short hair

Girls who have short and thin hair can try this hairstyle easily. It is not only modern, but also offers you a classy and captivating Look. Lately, the spiky hair turned to a being-In-the-fashion, and every girl with short hair wants to try this hair. The prickly hair on the front provides a contemporary and young Look.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Short hair with long bangs

Short hair together with bangs are one of the most popular hairstyles for every Fashionista. If you also have a short blonde hair and some long bangs in the Front hold, you can stand out between the audience significantly. Apart from anything else, it will give you a thin and sharp Look. At the same time her appearance is bright, bold and chic is.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Light Pink Funky Short Hair

A touch of Pink and blonde is the ultimate combination to present it in front of all as a Fashionista. The bright pink color is the key to the hairstyle. So, not the sharp tip, but the curl of the thick hair in front of the Blunt gives, in principle, a funky Look. And the lace is transformed into waves. Girl with short pants, can of this to try so easy, as it is also very easy to hand is have.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Shaved and puffed short hair

This girl, with a passion for the puffy hairstyle, have developed a certain Trend. A two-time sound of the hair gives you a simple, sharp and eye-catching Look. You can experience this special cut to make your Look classic and elegant at the same time. The puffy hair in the Front makes for an interesting Look. So if you have a thin hair, you should try the new hair actually.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Short, fashionable, Funky, hairstyle

There are plenty of hairstyles for short and thin hair, but this hair is the lightest, the most prominent and care. If you cut both hair sides very short, is highlighted in the crown area. The sharp edge of the blond hair gives them a very interesting, bold and smart Look. This hair cut is actually, in every shape of face perfectly.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Asymmetrical platinum blonde short hair

The asymmetrical hair cut in the fashion world something New, but in the case of girls with blonde and short hair and she is absolutely in the Trend. Asymmetrical platinum blonde short hair, you will experience absolutely stunning and beautiful. It seems to be a bit uneven and messy, defined but their functions are very sharp. The side layers with asymmetrical cuts are the highlighted part of your hair cut makes her look interesting.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Ombre Straight Bob-Haircut

Girls with short and thin hair, always opt for the perfect hairstyle, which can determine the Look easily. Among all the unique hairstyles, the smooth hair, gives you a prominent Look. The straight and sleek style in the bluish-white tones with the darker shade in the vicinity of your strand roots is just fantastic. The hair looks absolutely soft and lightweight and gives you a sharp, elegant and classy Look.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar


Faux Hawk was among the Fashioni is a Hit always. Every girl with short, thin and brown-blonde hair looks on any face shape, absolutely fantastic. This particular style is something Unique and interesting. In fact, it is one of the most amazing haircuts of all time. The cut has so many textures, that you can never be wrong.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Short, blonde, shaved hairstyle

If you decide to give your appearance a bold and stunning Look, then short-haired-Shaved hairstyle is the ideal way to try it out. The shaved side of the head is very distinctive and bold at the same time. To experience this haircut, collect the string from the sides and gather then to a different page. And the rest is shaved. It provides a fashionable Look.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Messy layered Pixie hairstyle

The Pixie cut is always something that provides a stunning and elegant Look, but not everyone loves to experience the monotonous Pixie cut. Therefore, try the Messy Layered Pixie Haircut and you will look absolutely stunning and smart. The messy look on the crown area ensures that there is always a funky Look and this hairstyle is perfect for every face. Once you have it styled, coat it with the lightweight and non-greasy hair spray.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Wavy Bob Hair Cut

Girls with short and thin hair can know this specific hair cut actually. This has proved to be a very impressive and attractive hairstyle for the thick hair out. This wavy Bob is absolutely pleasant and brave, along with the undulating layers and the amount of Texture. By Applying a non-greasy Spray to the back wire, you can stand out among the other significantly. Basically, there is also a very spring Look.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Purple Bob with layers

Purple Bob is hairstyles with some Multi-Layer models one of the most widespread, well-known and unconventional short hair. The combination of Black and Purple gives you a very sharp face. Your facial features are absolutely prominent and bright. In this special and innovative, as well as eye-catching haircut, you can not only look bold, but at the same time only in the quantity.

Two-tone, side split short hair

If you have very short and thin hair, always opt for something interesting. Basically, you can’t tie up your hair or you can also make stylish braids. Therefore, the coloring of your hair provides you with in addition to all, a sharp and bold appearance. The short hair is absolutely easy to handle, and the white and brown double tint in the front and back makes for a striking and elegant Look.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Bob with blunt Ends

The side-to-side Bob is one of the most popular and attractive hairstyles that you should try out every girl with short hair. The blunt and smooth Ends of the strand to make the look absolutely classy and elegant. The side-to-side Bob with the sharp edge of the head is actually turning.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Dual Tone Bob with bangs

Bob Cut is a very stylish hairstyles, and now the Dual-Tone Bob steals with Bangs the limelight. The bright, Golden and delicate pink tones of the hair to make the look actually stunning and attractive. The hair cut is up to your shoulder.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Short Funky Bowl Cut

The short funky Bowl cut is a very new and fresh cut. The hair is cut in the back short. The hair from the front and from the sides has been cut to create a bowl-like appearance. The hair was arranged so that it covered the upper part of the head. This short funky haircut is easy to wear and maintain. You can combine this Look with Danglers and a casual dress.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Blue Bob with tiny braids

Now, who would have thought that a simple Bob hair cut would make such a stunning Look! The pale blue color itself steals the Show. Only a few people would dare to decide the hair color. The hair was cut directly under the shoulders. The clean side section and the bloated Look to make the hairstyle more stylish. Tiny braids were made in to the hairstyle to give the class more class.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Short layered razor cut hair

In this hairstyle the hair is cut, particularly on the back of the head extremely short. Short layered hair in the front a bit to long and back to short, which creates the perfect Casual Look. The uneven layers are swept across the forehead to one side of the head. The short layered razor hair is for people with oval or long face. You can wear this Look with a simple casual T-Shirt and a pair of pants.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Short blonde straight Pixie

The Pixie cut has been defined in this hair style is new. During the whole length of the hair was kept short, falling to the front sections of hair over the forehead. The hair from the top and sides have been brushed with a careless glance to the front. The unevenly cut strands for a casual Look in the classic manner. This style can be worn at a social gathering or a Party with a funky dress.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Funky Edgy Layered Bob

Layer cut has been experimenting with bob cut hair. The whole length of the hair is short. The layered strands have been highlighted and casual highlighted. The hair in the front and back are casually arranged. The side-to-side to Cut off the hair looks cool to wear this Look with a semi-formal Outfit. Minimal Make-up and jewelry are the perfect additions for the funky edgy Layered Bob.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Pastel pink blunt Bob

In this hairstyle you will love the gentle pink color, the color in the hair. The hairstyle is extremely neat and carefully in a short Bobschnitt cut. Sleek and smooth hair would look with this style very well. While the entire hair is cut exactly the same, the front section over the forehead. The pastel pink blunt Bob suits the best to a beautiful floral dress.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Tousled Short Funky Pixie Cut

Now, who wants to wear the normal cut-Pixie Look different? This hairstyle will surely draw serious attention. The Pixie cut has been running in short hair. The short hair length is remained on the whole head. The only thing that is funky, by the looks of the ruffled Look. The top and front sections of hair have been carefully gelled to create a tousled Look.

Blonde spiky short Funky Hair

Short spines are in both men and women very often. Now these spikes are on to something medium-sized, short-haired something that is at the same time fresh and daring. The length of the hair is short. The hair on top and front, are kept a little longer than the Rest of the head. The longer strands are carefully gelsiert to spines and stand out in a random mess.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

African American Short Straight Bob Haircut

The short-haired African-American-hair-cut suits you best, if you have glossy and shiny hair. The front hair is kept longer than the back hair. The whole hair is neat and carefully combed to the inside. The front bangs are kept slightly longer and gently to the side swept. The Pony are so arranged that they cover the forehead.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

Curly red Bob hair cut

If you have thick and voluminous hair of medium length, the curly red hair cut good for you. Some strands of hair in the bob cut hair short, slight made Curls. The front part of the hair was swept to the side. The flaming red hair color complements the haircut perfectly. Light shades would look with this funky hairstyle very well.

Funky Frisuren für kurzes Haar

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