30 Exclusive hairstyles medium length for woman

Experience the versatility of your hair, by combining it with the super sweet medium long hairstyles.

You can present yourself as a Star among the Stars, because these medium hairstyles reflect the potential of your hair and will give you for every occasion a stunning Look.

30 Exclusive hairstyles medium length for women

A-Line Bob

You are welcome to the electrifying hair trends with an a-Line Bob. Make sure that the haircut is to the shoulder height, and keep your hair straight, the hair cut, highlight. So, get these a-line Bob and give your Look Glamour.

A-Line Bob

Brown Balayage Shaggy Bob

You will gain a fascinating view by a brown, shaggy Bob. Make sure that the layers get a Shag cut, so that you can lift the Highlights, brown Balayage, and makes the hair look fat. The Shaggy-shoulder-Balayage-Bob is suitable for every face cut.

Brown Balayage Shaggy Bob

Brown Balayage Shoulder Length Hair

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what hair length or hair type you have. With a brown, shoulder-length hair, you can look equally adorable. Make sure your hair with brown Balayage highlight and let your hair down to the shoulders flow. You create these amazing and voluminous-ready style to your ultimate style.

Braunes Balayage Schulterlanges Haar

Central shared medium hair with low waves

Jessica Szohr wore this shoulder-length Curls on the occasion of the 50. Anniversary of the birth of the Cosmopolitan. You increase your charm by you have a medium-haired medium-haired hair with low waves. Be sure to share your hair in the middle and to create subtle waves in order to obtain a more casual Look. You can put the hair behind the ears, around the center vertex is highlighted.

Mittiges geteiltes mittleres Haar mit niedrigen Wellen

Choppy Graduate Bob

Get a youthful appeal with a choppy graduates-Bob. You need to make sure that the chopped layers are unevenly distributed, in order to generate volume. The choppy graduated Bob is a classic cut that is never out of Trend. So put it on and be fabulous with it.

Abgehackter Absolvent Bob

Copper Balayage Medium length wavy hair

Increase your style quotient by wearing a medium-wavy hair from copper Balayage. Make sure that the hair layers and subtle waves are generated, which are highlighted with copper tones for a futuristic Look. The copper and Browns work together so perfectly that you have the best appearance.

Kupfer Balayage Mittellanges gewelltes Haar

Medium to lighter medium hair cut

Amy McDonald wore this gorgeous and dazzling hair so that you can’t ignore this style. Allow your hair to be a visual pleasure, by choosing the cut for a dark and bright medium hair. Make sure that the Ombre color let from the top to the bottom of the verb, by changing from Black to blonde or gray-white.

Mittlerer bis heller mittlerer Haarschnitt

Layered Balayage Lob

With a layered Balayage-praise you get a charming appeal. You need to accentuate the layers with a subtle Balayage accents, so your Texture looks clearer.

Geschichteter Balayage Lob

Messy wavy medium hair layered

Take advantage of the benefits of a beautiful hair fullness layered, messy wavy medium hair. Make sure that many of the layers are in a messy Texture with a corrugated Form to produce a thick and voluminous Look. You can wear medium length hairstyle in different styles, but this hairstyle is very cool and gives your Look the Glamour.

Unordentlich gewelltes mittleres Haar geschichtet

Medium Blond Shag Hair Cut

If you have enough of your boring hair, try this cool and charming style. You can be one of the most popular Looks in the fashion industry, by choosing a medium-blond hair cut. The Shaggy cut, when combined with blonde tones, gives your hair more sharpness, and is also very easy to handle.

Mittelblondes Shag-Haarschnitt

Medium hair with caramel blonde accents

Appears elegant and ethereal, by selecting medium-sized hair with caramel blonde highlights. Make sure that you add the caramel blonde accents so that they are clearly visible when the hair is either to the back or inside to the front beaten. It is not an ideal hairstyle for medium length hair you Miss, try this out.

Mittlere Haare mit karamellblonden Akzenten

Medium long hair with red eye-catching Pony

Ashlee Simpson rocked your Look with this ultimate and dazzling hairstyle. You steal the Thunder, wherever you go, with medium-length hair and red, bright hair. They can be wavy Pony with red accents to match the latest Trends.

Mittellanges Haar mit roten auffälligen Pony

Medium Length Beachy Waves

The great way of your fabulous breathe medium hairstyle, life, is, beautiful, wavy layers add. With the medium length beach waves, you get a very charming Look. You regularly use a deep conditioning treatment to maintain the softness of the waves.

Mittellange Beachy-Wellen

Medium Lob with layers

Medium length hair offers due to the various layers, many options. Get a fashionable Look by selecting a Central node with layers. Make sure that the hole cut has a fine angle and made up of many layers with nonuniform textures is, in order for a Bounce to add.

Mittlerer Lob mit Schichten

Medium Ombre Hair

Give you your own style with medium hair. The vibrant colors of the Ombre for a refreshing look, if you can ensure that many layers are present.

Mittleres Ombre-Haar

Medium Ombre hairstyles with layers

You appear amazingly sexy medium Ombre hairstyles with layers. You can have either subtle levels or tiered levels to decide which will be highlighted by Ombre Highlights. These hairstyles will give you nice movement and volume. Ombrewill works with a right cut is amazing on the shoulders.

Mittlere Ombre-Frisuren mit Schichten

Medium Shag Haircut for older women

Kate Capshaw has a glamorous Look when she wears cut this classic hair. So if you want a haircut that puts you at your age and you can how a pretty young woman appear, you should cut for medium hair for older women choose. You need to see that there are many levels and angles in the many levels of the Shag-Cut.

Mittlere Shag Haircut für ältere Frauen

Medium-sized smooth ponytail hairstyle

You will achieve a formal Look that keeps you always ready for work, if you decide for a medium-sized, smooth ponytail hairstyle. Make sure that you smooth your hair, and for a professional appeal in a high ponytail tie. With a Pony you can’t go wrong. You can wear this style and you rock your Look.

Mittlere glatte Pferdeschwanz-Frisur

Medium straight hairstyle

If you love to be simple and to work gracefully, you need to select the medium straight hairstyle. You smooth your hair and add a Shine serum to the strands of hair to lighten. This Look is very easy to reach and looks exactly like Thandie Newton.

Mittlere gerade Frisur

Messy medium length hairstyle

Flatter and frame your face with a messy medium length hairstyle. You can create the messy Look with the help of bangs of different length, which are distributed on different levels. This messy style is very stylish and suits to every face shape.

Unordentliche mittellange Frisur

Messy medium wavy hairstyle

Let your hair stand up, and admire all, by opting for a messy, medium wavy hairstyle. Do not hesitate to create beach waves in your hair by wrapping some strands on medium heat to thick barrels.

Unordentlich mittlere wellige Frisur

Ombre Bob with layers

You can leave your hair with bounce and boldness to fill by yourself for an Ombre Bob with Layers decide. This is the Look that will beautify your face and the back of your head, if you go to that you fill the Bob with ombre highlighted layers.

Ombre Bob mit Schichten

Ombre Medium wavy hairstyle

Give your hair a cheerful Look by a mid-wave hair cut. Make sure that you mix the waves with the Highlights and tones of the Ombre, your hair lighten. Believe us that this Ombre style is one of the most copied hair in Trend.

Ombre Mittlere gewellte Frisur

Rachel McAdams Medium length blond wavy hair

The medium blond wavy hair of Rachel McAdams you get the impression of a Hollywood star. Make sure that you generate from the middle length of your hair until the end of big waves, to give the pages more bounce.

Rachel McAdams Mittellanges blondes gewelltes Haar

Shoulder-length blond wavy hair

Out get the beach beauty side, select shoulder-long blond wavy hair. Make sure you create angular and chunky waves and the waves for a spectacular charm brushing. This is a really cute, shoulder-length hairstyle that gives your Look.


Let your hair down with a shoulder-length, wavy hairstyle thick and strong appearance. Make sure that you curls loose, emanating from the middle length of your hair and to the end endure. This is a great medium hairstyle that suits every face shape.

Schulterlange wellige Frisur

Medium wavy hairstyle with side split

An effortlessly chic Look, you can Express with the choice of side medium wavy hairstyle very well. Create a side part on the head and make sure that the page gewehnte hair has a beautiful wavy shape.

Mittelgroße gewellte Frisur mit seitlicher Teilung

Medium haircut with bangs

Judy Greer has a glamorous Look when she wears this cool hairstyle. Get a classic style that gives you a refreshing Look, by selecting a medium-haired haircut with bangs. Make sure that you give the Pony on the side of slight waves or Curls for an additional movement.

Mittlerer Haarschnitt mit Pony

Medium hairstyle with curly hair

You set the style bar high, by Curls, a side swept medium hairstyle with. Comb your hair easily in one direction and you make the Curls on this page, to increase the volume and give a youthful appearance.

Mittlere Frisur mit lockigen Haaren

Laterally inward-looking mid-length hair

With the side of gekehrtem, medium-length hair-get a bold and comfortable Look. You can sweep most of your hair just to one side and add thin layers to produce a certain volume.

Seitlich gekehrtes mittellanges Haar

Choose from these flattering hairstyles to look better than the Rest.

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