22 most stylish wedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding is the most important occasion for every bride. So if someone of you wants to marry, can help you this article for your Hochzeitshit.

Now, you have done everything, such as her wedding dress, the flower arrangements and every essential part of your wedding, but you have something very Important and that is your hairstyle. If you have beautiful and natural long hair, you have many options from which you can choose, and will give your Bridal look a glamorous Look. There are many long wedding hairstyles such as updo, half up and half down, waterfall braids, low buns, high buns, side swept or you can add to your long hair accessories. Numerous hairstyles to choose from. Don’t Worry, we will help you to get the perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair on your big day.

22 most stylish wedding hairstyles for long hair

Bridal hairstyles for long hair

This shows that your long hair are manufactured on the most romantic way. This style is the perfect and offers you the best choice to decorate with a hair part. This long wedding hairstyle will surely enhance your beauty.

Braut-Frisuren für langes Haar

Wedding updos have for long hair

If you are a bride and have a beautiful long hair, then this wedding updo is the perfect choice for your long locks.

Braut-Hochsteckfrisuren für langes Haar

Greek wedding hairstyles for long hair

If you want to try something New and Different, this Greek long hairstyle for the wedding is the best Option for every bride. We have shown you the beautiful and elegant Greek wedding hairstyles for you.

griechisch-hochzeitsfrisuren für lange haare

Half Up Curly Side wedding hairstyle for long hair

The wedding is an important event for any bride-to-be. The bride must look from the Rest of the best. You should be perfect in every way for the wedding. Here you can see that we are talking about wedding hairstyle. This half a curly side hairstyle for long hair is for every bride perfectly.

halbe-lockige-Seite-Hochzeit-Frisur-für-langes Haar

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Half hairstyles, half hairstyle look very nostalgic and beautiful, no matter what type you choose. You will leave your hair super chic look. Make it loose and relaxed.


Up Half Long Wedding Hairstyle

A normal, half-hairstyle for long hair is classic and romantic. Such a hairstyle is suitable for almost any bride-to-be, especially if you want to make it vintage or glamorous.


Half Up Half Down hairstyle for long hair with crown

As said above, the half hairstyles, half romantic and beautiful. You can add some accessories such as a headband, or you can wear a crown for a glamorous Look.


Long black wedding hairstyle

Remember with these stunning black wedding hairstyles for long hair! If you are blessed with naturally long hair, try this ultimate hairstyle, and make you the Show Stopper.


Long hair with flowers band bride

Long wedding hairstyle is a traditional Look for any bride-to-be in your wedding. You can look beautiful and elegant by simply adding a few accessories or you can wear this beautiful flower band to your beautiful Look to underline.

langes Brauthaar-mit-Blumenband

Long hair wedding hairstyle with forehead band

We swear, Bridal hair styles for long hair to love. Headband is something that you can wear as additional accessories. People will surely notice the look of your headband, if you set it right.


Long hairstyle for wedding

This is one of the examples of long wedding hairstyles. You can also call it half down. Half of the hairstyles is a style that is suitable for the majority of bride-to-be. You can make many variations to this Look.

lange Frisur für die Hochzeit

Long loose wedding hairstyle

Ladies, you deserve the best Look for your hair on your big day. Just take a totally nostalgic Look with curly Tresses, which will undoubtedly look cool.

lange lockere Hochzeitsfrisur

Long wavy wedding hairstyle

To have the best wedding hairstyle can be a task with many options for every bride. If you have the best hair, do not Worry, this long wavy hairstyle is the perfect Option that you can wear on your big day.

langwellige Braut-Frisur

Long wedding hairstyle with accessories

Long hair is something easy to handle, and allows many options for the wedding. If you Curl your long, a add accessories, you will definitely be elegant and different look.

lange hochzeitsfrisur-mit-zubehör

Messy plug-twisted updo-wedding hairstyle

With long hair you can experiment and you can try out many options for your wedding couple. This is one of the examples of updo hairstyles for weddings. When it comes to updo hairstyles, messy twists, you need to try on your big day.

unordentlich-verdrehte Hochsteckfrisur-Hochzeitsfrisur

To the side wedding curly hairstyle for long hair

If you have curly hair, you need not to Worry. You just make these amazing curly long hairstyle for your wedding. This hairstyle allows you to certainly new and fresh look.

seitlich lockig-hochzeitsfrisur für langes haar

Soft waves with a Floral Pin

Loose braid with very soft waves and fresh flowers-needle. You try to believe it. You will surely be the Apple of all.

weiche Wellen mit floralem Pin

Stunning long hairstyle for the wedding

atemberaubend lange Frisur für die Hochzeit

Updo for long hair

If you are his bride, we believe that this is the most beautiful day of your life. You have to look at this day. Here we talk about choosing the right hairstyle, and we also believe that this can be a difficult task. If you have long hair-are updos have the best options for you.

Hochsteckfrisur für langes Haar

Waterfall braid

Waterfall Braid is a great way to style your hair for your wedding. It will also look very creative and elegant. Try this different hairstyle for your long hair on your big day.


Wavy half up half down wedding hairstyle

Now, we have enough information about the half-a-hairdo. This is another example of this beautiful hairstyle.


Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is for every bride-to-be of advantage. You have many possibilities to explore, if you are blessed with long hair. In this long wedding hairstyle you can add Curls and your Look improving.

Hochzeitsfrisuren für langes Haar

Try it with these gorgeous updos have, side braids, and Half-Half-Half-Down. We bet that on her wedding day no one looks more beautiful than you!

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