16 Undercut hairstyles for men to Look Swagger

One of the hottest hair trends for men that have made in the last months of the round, is the Undercut.

This is a really cool hairstyle that you can try out different Looks by making a simple hair cut. The basic thing is, the undercut, the hair held at the back of the head and short on the sides and hums, while the middle section is long-held. This hair cutting and the medium-sized, long hair share are both things you can bring in many variations. In this way, the Undercut hairstyles for men are one of the most versatile and most variable styles that you can try. You can cut the sides really, hums, or only slightly cut. If the hair is in the middle, you can hold either of medium length or very long. You can brush back that hair or is it just messy and keep it casual. In this hair, the experiments are cut, no borders. If you are still not convinced, this style a try, take a look at the Top Stars of Hollywood who have tried this hairstyle. The following 16 hairstyles with the undercut, are some of the Must-Try of the models for this season.

16 Undercut hairstyles for men that look Swagger

Glossy, long, wavy hair with underscore

She let her long and dark hair with the undercut hairstyle look even more beautiful. This requires the traditional Look of an underlined hairstyle in which the hair on the sides and at the back of the head tightly. Your hair in the middle of the head is long and wavy. The last step is to get some hair gel in your hair, it back back. This style will also look great on Brunettes well.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Comb through hair with Undercut

This is a very unique twist on the traditional hairstyle. This requires straight and preferably brunette hair, although men with dark hair can try out. The hair in the middle, and is combed to the back. It is designed so that it is inflated. The Best part of this undercut hairstyle is that your hair is given more volume, makes your hair thick and look amazing.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer


If you are planning a hair Makeover with undercut hairstyle, try this Look to put your style quotient a level higher. You can keep the undercut on the sides and at the back of the head. The long hair in the middle of your head must be cut to the same length, and then the top is brushed. You need the help of your stylist and some great hair care products to achieve that perfect Party Look.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Undercut hairstyle for Square Face

This undercut style is very suitable for men with a square face, as the striking-angle factor of the face is eliminated. You need to create an undercut, but not too tight for this style of pruning. The hair in the middle held up pretty long. This long hair is supple and bloated, to complete the Look. This has a great Similarity with the very popular Fade haircut.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Smooth back hair with a Beard

The contrasting colors of the hair and the beard are the most important X-factor for this Look. If you have dark hair, try to go dark brown or light brown on the Beard. You make the usual undercut with your hair and hold the hair in the middle long. Pull out the hair by brushing it properly to get this Look. You need to remember that this is a look that requires that you maintain a Beard and hair really well.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Interrupted Hairstyle

This Look is the perfect proof for the fact that an undercut hairstyle does not have to be boring. For this look add the long hair, keep it in the middle of her head, layers. The layers will give your hair a Texture and give the classic Undercut Look a new Definition. You can even try a few caramel Highlights to add, if you are a blonde, trying this hairstyle. This is a Must for the next big Party you attend.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Extraordinary Slick Undercut

This undercut style is rather the man who loves to keep everything simple and perfect. Both sides and the back must run at this hairstyle closely together. The hair in the middle area are of medium length and definitely not too long. Back beat, this hair clean by using your reliable hair styling products and hair brushes. The Best thing about this is that it looks both with suits as well as Jackets good.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Pompadour Undercut

The Pompadour is a popular hairstyle for men from all walks of life. The Pompadour look even better when you combine him with the undercut hair style. You just keep the usual undercut on the sides and at the back of the head. The long hair, the leave in the center, are rolled to the rear, in order to achieve the Pompadour. This extremely stylish Look fits perfectly to any clothes you want to wear. This is versatile enough to be at the Party, worn and elegant enough for the office.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Zurückgef genes, undercut hairstyle

The hairstyle was referred to as tapering, because tapering appears to be from the mid to the sides. You can make your hair instruct, to help you get the haircut just right. After you receive the hair cut, you need to brush your hair with the in the vicinity of hair styling products. You can make it even more fashionable by adding your hair striking hair colors such as blonde or red.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Under cut with long, messy top

You don’t try this hairstyle, if you have maintained everything and maintained to keep. They make a untidy and messy with her hair to rock this style. After you have made the undercut haircut of the hair must be swept, the long hair that you leave in the Central part of your head, just happened to be on one side of the head. You wear your Lieblingst-shirt with this hair cut and you are ready for the beach party you want to attend.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Rear hair with Spikes

This is one of the funniest hairstyles on the list. It is a really fashionable style that they can get a young and cool atmosphere, if you are doing sports. Once you get behind the cut, is held, the hair in the middle area of medium length. The mean length is shifted by the use of products such as hair gel to the top. It is a Look for all seasons and all reasons.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Edgy Undercut hairstyle for men

The undercut hairstyle is absolutely boxy, but this Look brings with it a slightly higher Note. The hair on the back and sides are not only connected closely to each other, but are completely shaved, so the skin starts to show. It is for those who love to experiment and out of the Box when it comes to the typical hair style. Put on the leather jacket and you get off with this self-aware.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Messy Blond hair with Undercut

This is for the proud owner of a blond mane and comes sensation Justin Bieber with a lot of love from the singing. The medium-length hair in the middle is a complete mess and has a touch of hay in this Look that provides just the right Casual touch for your new hairstyle. The messy hair gives you an incomparable Look that is great for all ages super sexy and pretty.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Wavy Undercut hairstyle for men

The pages will not be playing in this type of undercut is too tight. It is the ideal style if you have wavy hair. The waves in your hair in the center, contrasted to the right by the undercut of the sides of the back. If you don’t want to go too far, you can try out this Look. The Best part is that it is suitable for offices, safely, and for parties.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Long side fringe undercut

The fringes stay in fashion, no matter what, it is popular style of hair. You can also try to get the fringes with the undercut, because the combination just works perfectly. The long Central part of the hair is swept from right to left, in order to obtain the Look of of the required fringe.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

Cristiano Ronaldo Undercut-Hairstyle

The soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo scores not only with the Ball but also with his hairstyles. You can get undercut Look, the football player has tried. They make a distinctive peak on the right side and hold the back hair for this Look is short and beautiful.

Undercut-Frisuren für Männer

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